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For Those New to the World of Role Play: Role Play Terms

Role play, which means role-playing, is generally explained as "character and level development within the game" . 


Role play, which means role-playing, is generally explained as “character and level development within the game” . In games , this means developing the chosen character and shaping it as desired. Role play is also referred to in the game with the abbreviation “RP”. The letter “G” at the end of “RP” means RPG, which means role-playing game. The world of role play is a broad culture with its own unique terms and deep meanings. Role play terms can be complex and difficult to understand for beginners. It is an important step to open the doors of this world and enrich the experience by getting acquainted with its unique terms. There are basically three different types of role play. Text-based, tabletop and live-action role-playing bring different experiences. Each of these provides different experiences.

What is Role Play that Pushes the Boundaries of Imagination?

Role play is a performance art in which a person portrays a certain character from different perspectives. The basis of this is to think, feel and understand from the perspective of that character by taking a certain role in the game world. While playing a role in the play, you must be completely free of your own character. The important point here is to have fun and enjoy while acting. In this area, all role play terms are important to understand what to do. Role play, which includes many terms, is a very broad and comprehensive field.

What are the Most Used Role Play Terms?

This performance art is a fascinating and deeply meaningful category. RP terms and their meanings help to better understand this art. gaming computers and

You may need these terms while playing games via laptops . The most used terms are usually character-related. The words that indicate the character’s moods and situations are in English and have abbreviations. You can learn more about this field by learning the meanings of abbreviated role play terms. Knowing the explanations of the most used role play terms will further include you in this category.


Fail-RP is short for Fail Role Play. Fail RP means that the player unsuccessfully enacts the role play situation. For example, behaving inappropriately for the character’s role causes this. Fail-RP has a negative nature because it is a failed concept.


Fear RP refers to the character’s role play in a realistic fear situation. The term fear role play indicates that a realistic response should be given in situations of danger and fear.

Powergaming (PG)

Powergaming means that the character has very powerful or unrealistic abilities. Manipulating the game is also included in this concept. The term powergaming often provides unfair advantages over other players.


Metagaming (MG)

Metagaming, which is among the RP terms, means that the player’s character in the game affects the event by using information he does not know. In such cases, it is often seen that the character obtains the information that should be inside him from a source outside the player.

IC-OOC Mixing

This term is the abbreviation of IC in Character and Out of Character. It means mixing in-game (IC) and out-of-game (OOC) information. This is when the game mixes information about the character with chat or sources outside the game.

Random Death Match (RDM)

RDM means killing a character randomly and without reason, without a roleplay conflict. This term is used to preserve the story and interactions required in roleplay communities. At the same time, creating a realistic atmosphere and fair gaming environment is among these.

Vehicle Death Match (VDM)

VDM is the intentional killing of another character using a tool. In such a case, the player uses his vehicle to attack and kill another character. These prevent the game from progressing realistically and fairly. This term role play is a situation that is generally tried to be prevented.

Bug Abuse

Bug Abuse is trying to gain advantage by exploiting errors and bugs in the game. If a player knowingly and deliberately uses a bug in the game and tries to upset the balance, it is called “bug abuse”. It represents abuse and is not tolerated.

Bug Abuse

Non-RP Driving

Non-RP Driving refers to not realistically portraying vehicle driving during role play. It emphasizes that realistic driving is expected in situations such as a possible chase or conflict while driving. Such situations fall within the scope of “non-rp driving”.

Role Check

Role check, which is frequently used among RP terms, means role control. Role play means control to determine the identity or role of the character within. It is usually done by game administrators or other players. It is used to maintain standards of realism and consistency in the game.

In Character (IC)

In character is a concept that indicates being in character in role playing games. In other words, while the actor portrays his character, he is integrated with his worldview, behaviors and other characteristics. While in the IC state, the player thinks, feels, and acts from the character’s perspective.

New Life Rule

New life rule, one of the role playing terms, reminds the player of the rule of forgetting the memories of the deceased character for a certain period of time after the death of a character. When a character dies during the game, the player must not remember the events, people and information before death for a certain period of time.

Revenge Kill

This role play term means killing the character for revenge after his death. If the character returns after his death and attacks to take revenge, this is called “revenge kill”. It is a situation that is generally unwelcome and prohibited by some rules.


GhostRP means that the player does not portray their character or exhibit realistic behavior. This role-playing term is used for those who attempt to present a ghostly presence in the game world.

Cop Bait

Cop bait is used when players try to attract the police. Acts that aim to prevent police intervention by deliberately committing illegal acts are among these.

Cop Bait

Ninja Jacking

This role play term refers to the act of “stealing a vehicle”. This term describes the player’s attempt to steal a vehicle quickly and unobtrusively.

Force RP

Force RP, among the role playing terms, is the forced role play of a character against another character. If the character tries to involve another person in an event by using imposition, this is called force role play. This is generally a behavior that violates the rules of realism.

Retarded RP

Retarded RP is used as an intolerant term. It is a statement that criticizes a player for not meeting realistic role-playing standards and for disrupting the game in a disruptive and meaningless way.

Combat Log

Combat Log, which is often used as a role play term, is when the game exits the server and environment during combat. This expression expresses evasion of responsibility. A player leaving or disconnecting during combat is frowned upon and, in some cases, punishable.


Bunnyhopping is when the player moves his character by jumping or skipping. Excessive or unrealistic jumping of the character breaks the standards of the game. That’s why it’s usually limited and controlled by rules.

Out of Character (OOC)

Out of Character means out of character or in the real world. Chats, questions, and other interactions between players are referred to as OOC. It is a term used for the character’s own thoughts and communication. Situations are often distinguished by expressions used to describe whether the character is in-game (IC) and out-of-game (OOC).



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