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Gamer Equipment That Every Gamer Will Need

How about leaving your competitors behind by surpassing your performance in computer games? You can find out which gamer equipment you need for this in this article!

 How about increasing your enjoyment and performance in all your games with Gamer equipment ? Whether you have just joined the gaming world or have been a top-level gamer for years…

 You can be ready for a perfect gaming experience by completing the gamer equipment you need. In this way, you can show your full power in the games you play online with your friends and access all game content from audio to visuals in high quality.

 Let’s start examining our list now and find out which  gamer equipment  products you need! Then start rolling up your sleeves for games where you will leave your opponents behind!

The Essential of Gamer Equipment: Gaming Computer

When it comes to gamer or  player equipment,  of course, gaming computers come to mind first.

 Thanks to these game monsters designed for high-dimensional, modern games, you can start your games without problems such as freezing, hanging or overheating.

You can play your games quickly and stably thanks to the gaming computers that are essential for a better quality experience.

Gaming computers are divided into two: laptops and desktops. If you are looking for a laptop, you can choose from many brands such as HP, Lenovo, Casper, Asus, Monster.

These computers, which are the favorite products of professional gaming equipment , make a name for themselves with their features such as high RAM and graphics card memory, advanced processor, illuminated keyboard system, high refresh rate and new generation Wi-Fi solutions.

Moreover, if you often play games in the same place with your friends, it will be to your advantage to choose among gaming computers. If you want to have a fixed gaming center,   you can choose desktop computers among gaming equipment .

These are also considered as gamer equipment sets because they offer products such as computers, keyboards and mice together  .

Especially if you want to purchase all the gaming equipment at once, you can examine desktop computer options of this kind.

These have lighting features, high screen resolution and advanced processors, making it easier for you to perform quickly even in your biggest games.

If you want to buy a gaming computer from the processor to the graphics card by assembling it,  you can review this article we have prepared for you  .

Gaming Monitor for Those Looking for High Quality

 Monitors come second on our player equipment list. If you have demands such as screen resolution, brightness, response time, speed, larger screen structure, you should definitely buy a gaming monitor. Monitors not only increase the enjoyment of the game but also increase its quality. Especially models that promise low response times do not allow display problems caused by movements in the game. So which gaming monitor should you buy?  There are multiple criteria for a player equipment recommendation in this group  . We can list these criteria as follows:

    • You can choose a high resolution monitor.
    • The monitor you buy should not be less than 24 inches.

    • Screen refresh rate must be at least 144 Hz.
    • You can check which graphics card brand of the monitor you choose is compatible with Sync technology. You can choose monitors with a response time of 1 ms.

Gaming Mouse for Fast Moves

If you have the most basic gamer equipment at hand, you can also renew your mouse model. Differentiated from standard and daily-use mice, gaming mice are much more functional and have different designs. Gaming mice, which are usually decorated with different colors around black outlines, attract a lot of attention. Among these, you can choose wired or wireless gaming mice. It is also useful to know that wired mice are generally preferred among gaming equipment. The most important reason for this is, of course, to avoid having to deal with sudden battery drains or weakening. You can make a precise choice among gaming mice with their high speed and response times. Moreover, thanks to the mice that provide illumination, you can easily switch to the atmosphere for the game. So what can you pay attention to when buying a gaming mouse?

    • Dot Per Inc (DPI) is a feature known as mouse sensitivity and is extremely prominent in gaming mice. When you touch the mouse, DPI levels change depending on how fast you move from right to left and left to right. Generally, the ideal DPI for gaming mice is between 3600 and 5000.
    • Mouse software called “Macro” is also perfect for gaming mice. Thanks to this software, you can customize the buttons on the mouse and assign them to your own functions.
    • Key diversity is also extremely important. Mice used for daily tasks usually have two buttons. However, gaming mouse models are often equipped with extra buttons. Thus, you can even perform some operations via the mouse without the need for a keyboard.

High-End Gaming Keyboards Bring Success

Among gamer equipment, a good keyboard undoubtedly affects performance and therefore success. We recommend that you buy the English keyboard type Q keyboard, because these are the most used keyboard types around the world. Most likely, most of the players you meet in online games will use them. Among gaming keyboards, wired keyboard models are generally preferred. The most important reason for this is response times. Wireless keyboards can sometimes react late and sudden battery drains and weakening are also valid for these equipment. However, one of the most important elements in the gaming world is speed. Therefore, wired keyboards would be a better choice. Of course, when it comes to gaming equipment, mechanical keyboards stand out in this field. On mechanical keyboards, the keys respond immediately, and this sensitivity can be the backbone of success. Having separate WASD keys will undoubtedly provide an advantage in games. In this way, the error of making unnecessary moves in the game can be minimized. Ergonomic keyboards that you can put your wrist on while playing will also benefit you during long gaming periods. Thus, problems such as wrist discomfort can be minimized. Before I forget… You can view our Hopi campaign valid for all relevant categories  here.  , and start earning Paracık immediately while collecting gamer equipment.

Capture Auditory Quality with Gaming Headphones

Among the gamer equipment, you can also try products that will increase your enjoyment of the game. Gaming headsets designed to be over-ear also provide such a benefit. Among these, you can choose between wired and microphone models. Things you can pay attention to when buying a gaming headset are as follows:

    • Frequency range, in other words hertz, is an extremely important criterion when buying a gaming headset. The wider the hertz range of the headset, the more easily you can receive in-game sounds.

    • Sound level, which we call decibels, is another important point. Generally, the ideal decibel value is determined as 85. Decibels above this value may negatively affect ear health during long-term use.
    • You can also make sure that your gaming headset is not too heavy. Carrying a heavy headset on your head while playing games for hours will undoubtedly be harmful to your health.
    • Good sound insulation can also significantly reduce external sounds. For this reason, you can also pay attention to high insulation quality.

Gaming Chairs Offering High Level Comfort

As with all other gamer equipment, comfort, quality and durability are important in gaming chairs. However, these products can also stand out in decoration. You can follow these rules to have a good gaming chair:

    • Design is extremely important in gaming chairs. It needs to be compatible with the gaming environment and your room as well as with your gaming equipment. In this respect, you can highlight your personal tastes in terms of color and design.

    • Lumbar, back and neck support adjustments are among the must-haves of a gaming chair. Ergonomically sensitive gaming chairs can contribute to your health during long-term gaming processes. We can say that the 360 ​​degree adjustable features are the best.
    • Foot and arm adjustment functions are also very important. Thanks to the arm support, you can position the seat according to your anatomical structure.

Joystick for a Unique Experience

You can increase your enjoyment of the game even more with the Joystick in airplane or helicopter simulations. Among these, you can choose wired designs and choose a color according to your taste. You can earn Paracık with your purchases on N11  now  ! Don’t forget that the money you earn will be multiplied in your next purchases.



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