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What can be done to increase the gaming performance of the computer?

Gamers who have been playing games on their own computers for a long time or who use specially designed computers for gaming may experience problems with the gaming performance of their computers.

 There are multiple reasons for this situation. For example; Some games may affect the computer’s features or adjust them according to their characteristics.

This may cause a decrease in performance. Although users who have experienced similar situations may think that it is difficult to improve performance, in fact even a few small touches will improve this issue.

Things That Can Be Done to Increase the Gaming Performance of the Computer

Gamers may sometimes experience a decrease in the game performance of their computers. There are some methods that users who encounter such a problem can use to improve the performance of their computers. A few of them are given below:

The first step that users who have problems with the gaming performance of their computers should follow is to master the computer components.

 A user who knows his computer well will be able to analyze the situations that cause its performance to decrease. Hence, he/she will take the right steps to improve the performance.

Especially considering gaming users with Windows 10 operating system, the performance of the computer needs to complete the updates installed on the computer. Each new update means innovation to improve the performance of the computer.

Just like the operating system, making sure all components of a computer are up to date is important to improving the computer’s gaming performance.

 For example; A graphics card with an updated driver installed will significantly increase the performance of the computer. Similarly, using up-to-date drivers for motherboard chipsets, audio, and network drivers and replacing them if they are not up-to-date directly affects the performance of the computer.

All unnecessary applications that take up space on users’ computers will also affect the game performance of the computer over time. Therefore, removing unnecessary or unused applications is important to strengthen performance.

 Especially applications that continue to run in the background cause great harm to the computers of users who are unaware of this situation. To give an example again for Windows 10 users;

Settings “> Apps > Apps & features”, they can easily check unnecessary or unused applications and remove them from their computers.

Another way to improve game performance is to install the “best performance” setting on the computer.

At this point, users firstThis PC > Specifications They must log in to the option.

In the next stepAdvanced system settings > AdvancedYou need to access the Performance section and the settings of this section from the tab.

In the last step, from this screen “Adjust for best performance”Users who accept the option can enjoy a much higher performance by giving up some Windows visuals.

Another factor that affects the performance of computers is battery settings. At this point, users can easily have higher game performance by changing some settings. As the first step in this process PanelPower optionstabs should be used. On this screen, “Hide additional plans” expands the options available for battery settings. Finally, the “High performance”option will provide a complete solution for users who want to increase the gaming performance of their computers, as it focuses on the performance of the computer rather than saving power.

Users who are not satisfied with the gaming performance of their computers and expect a higher performance can get the performance they want by making a few simple changes. At this point, it is very important to know the computer and understand the reasons that cause the performance to decrease. 



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