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What is Xbox Game Pass? Game Suggestions 2024

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft seems to have taken the lead in its competition against Sony’s Playstation for years.

Xbox Game Pass has become the most affordable way to play games in recent years. In this article, we will talk about what Xbox Game Pass is, subscription fees and how to become a member, and then we will offer our recommendations among the games you can play on Xbox Game Pass.

What is Xbox Game Pass? 

Xbox is an advanced game console produced by Microsoft . Since 2017, one of the new things that Microsoft has brought to the world of games and technology is Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service, just like Netflix or Amazon Prime, that gives you access to hundreds of games for a monthly fee. Xbox Game Pass can be used on Xbox consoles, especially Microsoft’s consoles, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, while it can be used on Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems on the PC side.

As it turns out, you don’t need to have an Xbox console for Xbox Game Pass. On the other hand, thanks to the Xbox Cloud Gaming system, Game Pass games can be played on Android and iOS devices.

Games on the Xbox Game Pass system are renewed every month. Apart from the existing games that are constantly in the system, new games are constantly added and old games are removed from the service.

How to Sign Up for Xbox Game Pass? What is the Price of Xbox Game Pass? 

What needs to be done to own Xbox Game Pass is quite simple. The first thing to do is to create an Xbox account or log in to an existing Microsoft Xbox account.

At this point, it should not be forgotten that there should not be another Xbox Game Pass linked to the email address used.

What needs to be done next is to choose the service that is suitable for the subscription system you want to purchase.

At this point, the fee for each service is different. A person who wants to subscribe can have a standard Xbox Game Pass membership by paying the monthly fee and use the Game Pass service on his PC or console.

On the other hand, you can also have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package, although the price varies.

The advantage of this package is that you can use the games on the system for both Xbox console and PC.

It also has the extra feature of allowing console games to be played offline for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

What are the advantages of Xbox Game Pass?

Some of the benefits of Xbox Game Pass:

  1. Large game library: Xbox Game Pass offers a large library of hundreds of games from many different genres and varieties.
  2. Priority access to new games: Some games are available to Xbox Game Pass members before their release date.
  3. Regular updates: The Xbox Game Pass library is constantly updated with new games.
  4. Multi-platform support: Xbox Game Pass is available on a variety of platforms with Xbox consoles, Windows 10 and 11 PCs, Android devices, and Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud).
  5. Trying games: Xbox Game Pass offers the opportunity to try and play some games for free.
  6. EA Play membership: Xbox Game Pass members have access to Electronic Arts games on both console and computer.

Differences Between Standard and Ultimate Membership

There are some key differences between Xbox Game Pass’ standard and Ultimate membership types:

  • Standard membership provides separate access to the computer and console game libraries, while Ultimate membership provides access to both the computer and console game libraries.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have the opportunity to play online multiplayer games on the console. This feature is not included in the standard membership.
  • Xbox Game Pass Standard and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate memberships come at different prices.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members have the chance to benefit from special deals, discounts and campaigns.

Xbox Game Pass Game Recommendations 2024

There are 879 games in the Xbox Game Pass library, 447 on console and 432 on PC.

However, this number is changing because new games are regularly added to the Xbox Game Pass system and old ones are removed.

You can play many large-scale games in the Game Pass library, which continues to grow day by day.

With EA Play being included in the Xbox Game Pass system, you can access game series such as FIFA, NBA, Need For Speed ​​and Battlefield. Along with the games added to the Game Pass system as of August 2024, other games we can recommend from Game Pass are as follows: House Flipper, PowerWash Simulator, Halo Infinite, Sea of ​​Thieves, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, The Sims 4, Serious Sam 4, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Mortal Kombat 11, Forza Horizon 4 Standard Edition, Forza Horizon 5 Standard Edition, Back 4 Blood, Gears 5, Road 96, Watch Dogs 2 and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Standard Edition.

You can access a wide range of games with Xbox Game Pass, offered by Microsoft to players.

With Game Pass, you can play many games without purchasing them and get an idea about different games.

On the other hand, you can diversify your gaming pleasure by discovering different and new games with the constantly updated Game Pass library!

While you enjoy the game with our unlimited internet service, you can easily beat your opponents without any delays with a high quality internet connection. After the infrastructure inquiry process, you can start the subscription application process immediately if you wish .



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