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Upgrading PS5 Slim Internal Storage with SSD

Evolution of the PlayStation Slim console

Over the years, Sony’s line of PlayStation consoles has continued to evolve, with advancements in technology, game libraries and more.

One of these developments was the introduction of thinner versions of consoles (Slim). Generally, Slim models differ from their original counterparts by their compact design, increased energy efficiency and more refined, less bulky appearance.

Slim console variants were introduced in 2004, when the PlayStation 2 Slimline launched. This model was significantly smaller and lighter than the original version from 2000. This trend continued until the launch of the PlayStation 5 Slim in 2023.

However, while these consoles have become more refined during their existence, it is the opposite for PlayStation game sizes. Even as the physical size of consoles shrinks, the games we play continue to get bigger. Internal storage is therefore increasingly essential to the user experience.

AAA game size and internal storage size

Newer game consoles have larger internal storage capacities. For example, the base model of the original PlayStation 5 has 825 GB of internal storage. However, only 667 GB can be used for gaming due to the large storage space occupied by the operating system and system files.

With the introduction of the new ‘Slim’ version, PlayStation has expanded its internal storage capacity to 1TB. This upgrade is due to the increasing demand for storage space due to increasing game sizes video.

However, a significant amount of space will still be reserved for console software and system files. And as games continue to get bigger, this limited storage space becomes increasingly contested territory.

This is especially true for “AAA” games, which are flagship games created and distributed by the best developers in the industry. There are several reasons why these games continue to increase in size, including higher quality graphics/textures, advanced audio, complex game worlds, post-launch content (DLC), and more.

For these games, we recommend upgrading the internal storage to support the large files of the most important titles, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, CyberPunk 2077, Spider-Man 2, among others, which often occupy 100 GB or more space on SSD.

Importance of Upgrading Internal Storage

Although the console’s initial storage capabilities didn’t exactly keep up with the significant growth in game sizes over the years, Sony has made arrangements to upgrade the PS5 Slim’s internal storage! Fortunately for console gamers, the process of installing a new M.2 SSD is very simple and almost identical to that of the original PlayStation 5.

With the Kingston FURY Renegade M.2 SSD with heat dissipation heatsink, you can expand your internal storage capacity up to 4TB, allowing you to install all your favorite games on your system without having to uninstall games from your library to free up space for new games.

And for older games that you want to keep but aren’t currently playing, you can move them to an external SSD .

As you continue to install games on your PlayStation, the initial storage capacity that comes with the PS5 (and its Slim counterpart) won’t be enough to store multiple AAA games in your library.

Increase your console’s storage with Kingston FURY and enjoy an optimal gaming experience. It is therefore a question of reducing the size of the console while increasing the capacity of its internal storage. Get ready to play!



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