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Ethernet vs Wi-Fi Which to Choose for Gaming?

You can enter epic matches in virtual worlds and win victories as a result of relentless struggles.

But which side emerges victorious from the epic encounter between Ethernet and Wi-Fi can directly determine your success.

Although the decreasing latency, increased connection speeds and stability thanks to the introduction of technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 into our lives seem to overshadow the Ethernet connection, platforms that require high-speed and stable internet connection such as NVIDIA GeForce Now may cause you to question your Wi-Fi connection at times.

So, who do you think will be the winner of the Ethernet vs Wi-Fi match in 2023, when both sides have a strong hand? Let’s explain the pros and cons of both sides.

Wi-Fi: The End of the Wired Crisis in the Gaming World

Wi-Fi, which now finds its place in laptops, desktop computers, game consoles, smartphones and tablets as a built-in unit rather than an external module, is the favorite connection type of many players during the gaming process.

Let’s list the pros of Wi-Fi connection for gamers:

  • Freedom of Wireless Connection: With Wi-Fi, you can enjoy gaming at home or anywhere with internet access with your smart devices, handheld console or portable computer.
  • Possibility to Play Effortlessly on the Same Network: Thanks to the high speed and easy connectivity provided by your home Wi-Fi network, you can play games using the same wireless network with other game enthusiasts at home.
  • It’s OK Without a Modem or Router: By taking advantage of the mobile hotspot features of your smartphones, you can access wireless internet without a modem or router, and you can easily participate in games where you absolutely need to be online.

Although the pros are quite tantalizing, Wi-Fi connection also has cons:

  • Signal Weakness is a Big Issue: Where you position your modem or router in your home may cause the distance between the relevant devices and your gaming device to increase and various physical obstacles to come in between. In such cases, the signal strength becomes weak and you may face connection drops, which is the last thing you want in games where you need to be online all the time.
  • There are Low Speed ​​and Latency Problems: Again, no matter how fast the internet you use at home, the Wi-Fi configuration – depending on the configuration – will cause you not to be able to use up to 10% of the current speed. Latency problems due to high ping values ​​may also be added to this.

Connection Type That Makes You Say Everything Exists in the Old Ones: Ethernet

Ethernet connection, which was used in almost every home and workplace before Wi-Fi became so popular, is not as preferred today compared to the past, but gamers who want to get ahead of their competitors and do not accept mistakes, especially in the digital world, still use Ethernet connection.

Let’s look at the reasons for this by listing the pros of the Ethernet connection:

  • Using Maximum Speed: The better quality and high-speed internet signal you have in online games, the smoother you can experience the gaming process. Ethernet transmits the internet speed coming from the modem directly to your device and makes it available to you.
  • Stable and Interruption-Free Connection: Wired Ethernet connection, which has a much more efficient connection structure than radio frequencies that fly in the air and are weakened by walls, prevents you from encountering momentary interruptions and disconnections. So you can have long gaming sessions with your stable connection.
  • Low Latencies are Satisfying: Low latencies, which are vital for gamers, including you, can only be achieved with a wired Ethernet connection.

Although the pros of the Ethernet connection are pleasing, this connection, Ethernet etc. Wi-Fi comparison is not without its downsides:

  • Cable Mess and Lack of Access Problems: You can leave the comfort and order of wireless connection behind with Ethernet connection. The cables coming from your modem and router inevitably create a cable mess in your home, no matter how much cable organization you do. This can also be compounded by cable overhang issues when you want to relocate your devices, such as a computer or console.
  • The Installation Process is A Little Challenging: If your devices such as modem and router are at one end of your house, and your console and computer are at the other end of your house, you may have a lot of trouble with cable installation. You may even get tired of this process and leave all the work to an electrician.
  • Cable Damage Can Be Annoying: Ethernet cables, which are usually offered in thick cables, may cause you to have to restart the installation process – at least for that cable – in case of possible physical damage. If the damaged cable in question is fixed inside the cable duct with concrete nail anchors, you may regret having installed an Ethernet cable to your home. Our advice is to seek help from professionals in such cases.

Regardless of your internet and local network connection style, if you have a monster at your disposal, you can benefit from the advantages of both Wi-Fi and Ethernet, and switch to a wireless network or wired connection whenever you want.

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