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External storage for Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S & X consoles deliver next-generation gaming experiences, with incredible graphics and processing power. 

However, while they feature fast and reliable NVMe SSDs, external storage for Xbox users is a priority considering that each console’s operating system takes up almost 20% of each drive. The Series S has 364GB of its 512GB of storage, while the Series It is imperative to have several storage sources.

Xbox Series S/X External Drive Restrictions

Xbox Series S/X users should reserve the internal storage of their consoles for games specifically released for these consoles. External drives are not allowed to run games for Xbox Series S/X. 

They can, however, run games for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox, provided those games are compatible.

 They can also store Xbox Series S/X games that are not in use, although they must be transferred to the internal drive in order to play them.

To be compatible, external drives must at least be compatible with the USB 3.0 standard. Console users can connect up to three external drives at once, as Xbox Series S/X consoles have three USB-A ports.

Use external storage with Xbox Series S/X

Using external storage drives with Xbox Series S/X is not only very useful, it is also very easy.

 All the user has to do is turn on the console and plug in the drive. If it is compatible, a pop-up window will appear giving the user all the instructions they need. 

The user can also enter System Settings and navigate to the Storage Devices tab.

New storage devices usually require formatting. Xbox Series S/X can do this for users and name devices for easier tracking. 

This can be useful because after formatting, internal storage and external storage are presented as a single statistic, visible on the My games and applications screen.

The best external storage for Xbox Series S/X

The Xbox Series S/X offers its users advantageous hardware features. Its fast reading and writing speeds make it much easier to install, save and load games and multimedia content from an external drive.

 However, reliability is the most important factor. If you lose your data, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay, and you may no longer be able to access your digital products.

 Finally, capacity is of course a factor to take into account. Whether it’s a single large drive for easy transport or multiple smaller drives for versatility and data backup, drive capacity helps lighten the load on the console’s internal storage .

External storage options for Xbox Series S/X

The  Kingston _ weighing just 30 grams, it offers incredible capacity options, from 500 GB to 4 TB. It is also durable, as it comes with a removable rubber cover.

 Even without the cover, it is shock, water and dust resistant.

Both products are guaranteed for 5 years and benefit from free technical support from Kingston. Either one would be a great choice for your Xbox Series S/X’s external storage.



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