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What is Intranet (Internal Network) and Extranet (External Network)?

Intranet and extranet are two different systems generally used for communication in business life.

Both networks are used to facilitate communication and communication. While the internal network, i.e.

intranet, provides a more private and therefore more limited communication for the company, the external network, i.e. extranet, is preferred to ensure easier continuation of wider and general communication.

What is Intranet (Internal Network)?

Intranet, or internal network, is a private network used to organize internal business processes and facilitate collaboration between employees in the company.

Thanks to the internal network, company employees can share information more easily and quickly.

This network is only accessible to individuals within the company and is completely closed to the outside to protect all kinds of information within the company.

An intranet can be accessed from a web browser-based location and provides easy access to the most important personal or company information at any time from anywhere in the world.

It can be easily ensured that the local network is closed to outside communication. A software called Firewall is used for this.

Employees at all levels can easily message and transfer information through the easily secured company network.

Only information that can only be shared within the organization is shared over the intranet.

Additionally, since the access speed is a local network, the internet speed will be quite high. This is an element that will not only enable easy sharing of information but also improve the speed of information sharing.

What is Extranet?

Extranet and Intranet are two similar but different types of networks. Unlike the intranet, not only company employees can access the Extranet network; Customers, business partners and other people outside the company who are permitted to access the network can also enter.

Extranet generally enables the company to contact the necessary people and to handle important business much faster and easier. Among these works; The company has many important tasks such as document management works, file and photo management works, online catalogue, request for information, event calendar, pricing and receiving feedback from customers. In addition, there are resources necessary to keep Extranets up to date.

For this reason, company employees must be well-trained about content management software. In addition, it is very important that the people in this network are carefully selected, as it is a network where important information about the company is shared.

What are the differences between them?

Although Extranet and Intranet, also known as internal network and external network, seem similar, they have important differences. These differences can be listed as follows;

  • The most important differences are that Extranet is an external network and Intranet is an internal network.
  • Intranet is a communication network that can only be used within the company.
  • Extranet, on the other hand, is used as an extension of the company for the use and flow of information by various company related persons.
  • Extranet provides some of the Intranet information to people who are not directly connected to the internet.
  • An intranet is a network based on TCP/IP protocols owned by a company.
  • The intranet does not allow any unauthorized access.
  • Intranet network is much more secure than Extranet network. While an Extranet is partially accessible, an Intranet provides a much higher degree of protection.
  • A knowledgeable and educated employee community is needed for safe use of the extranet network. In addition, this network must be protected with some passwords and hardware.

Extranet and Intranet are highly secure communication networks that companies prefer to use.

While the internal network is very important for internal communication within the company, the external network is very important for all kinds of communication work of the company.



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