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Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Nedir?

In our time, internet speed has also had its share from the constantly developing technology. While we try to find various ways to make it faster every day, different terms enter our lives.

Although these terms can often be confusing, their meanings or what they are used for are not clearly known.

ONT is one of those terms whose meaning or what it is used for is not fully known or can be confusing.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) Nedir?

Optical Network Terminal, in short, ONT means optical network terminal. In general terms , it can be said that fiber is an important element required for internet use.

Just as a cable modem has a coaxial internet connection output, the Optical Network Terminal also features an output point for fiber-connected modems.

The main purpose of ONT is to receive fiber optic internet connection. In order to receive a fiber optic internet connection, the Optical Network Terminal, or ONT, must be able to communicate directly with an internet service provider (ISP).

In addition, the Optical Network Terminal is an item specific to fiber optic internet connections only.

Therefore, ONT is not suitable for use with devices such as Ethernet over coax, cable modem or router MoCA.

In conclusion, Optical Network Terminal is a converter device. It can also serve as a splitter.

How Does Optical Network Work?

To use Optical Network Terminal, fiber internet is required. The most necessary element for ONT to work is fiber internet.

In addition, Optical Network Terminal has a highly technological structure. Fiber cables that provide fiber internet work on the principle of transmitting light through a very precisely manufactured glass rope as thick as a human hair.

Optical Network Terminal, also known as Optical Network Terminal, serves as the modem in the fiber network.

The Optical Network Terminal sends out pulses of infrared light to communicate with your ISP.

Thus, it becomes possible to establish an internet connection via fiber network at home, office or company.

After establishing the fiber internet connection with the Optical Network Terminal, you can distribute this internet via Wi-Fi signal.

Since distributing fiber internet via Wi-Fi over OPT is similar to distributing internet via cable modem, this process is very familiar to users.

It can be said that the only technically different things in the distribution of OPT over Wi-Fi are the cables and the devices used.

What is ONT used for?

ONT is a state-of-the-art network used to connect and use the fiber network, which enables faster internet use in homes, small businesses, schools, offices and companies, in other words, anywhere you can think of.

Users can have much faster internet with this network. But of course, for this to happen, the fiber cables required to use the internet from the fiber network must be connected to the place where the fiber internet is planned to be used and the necessary devices must be installed there.

One of the most important devices for internet use from the fiber internet network is ONT. Optical Network Terminal acts as a modem for fiber internet.

It allows users to use the internet faster over the fiber optic network by receiving and sending the necessary signals.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

There are several advantages of using fiber internet with Optical Network Terminal.

  • Fiber technology is a very fast technology.
  • Fiber internet provides safer internet use than other types of internet.
  • ONT devices generally improve the home internet experience much more.
  • ONT devices not only improve the internet usage experience but also make it easier.
  • Besides the advantages of using internet on a fiber network with ONT, there are two disadvantages.
  • A quality product for ONT and fiber internet installation. setup team is required. Finding this team is not always easy.
  • ONT and other fiber internet devices and their installation can be quite expensive because they are state-of-the-art and complex devices.


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