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What is Cloud Computing?

With developing technology, the increase in device usage and the number of new users has led to the accumulation of more data.

While it is important to store this data for later use, the low storage capacity caused some problems.

Since the expansion of storage and storage space in smart devices such as computers, tablets and phones brings with it high costs, “Cloud Computing” technology has been developed that can be a solution to these problems.

What is Cloud Computing?

Many people actually benefit from the services provided by this technology without knowing what cloud computing is.

Cloud Computing, whose English equivalent is “Cloud Computing”, is the name given to internet-based IT services that users can access at any time on computers, tablets or other devices and share computer resources with other users.

Cloud computing system can be used wherever there is internet access. For example, cloud computing service is used when sending or receiving e-mail to another user via the internet.

In addition to e-mail service, many services such as watching videos or movies using the internet, listening to music, playing games on online platforms, storing and sharing photos are supported by cloud computing technology.

What are the Cloud Computing Features?

Cloud computing, which provides a service with internet infrastructure for storing and processing data hosted on technological devices, has many features. A few of these features can be listed as follows:

  • One of the most important features of cloud computing technology is the virtualization of hardware and software. Today, many companies use cloud computing technology to accelerate the adaptation process by following digital transformation. This situation creates a completely service-oriented system that is not product-oriented.
  • Before cloud computing service, a lot of costly labor was needed, such as hardware renewal, software update or maintenance, to store company data collected on technological devices. Now, cloud computing service is used to store and process big data.
  • Sizing, configuration or backup operations, which were previously done manually, are now done automatically thanks to cloud storage. This not only saves users a lot of time but also reduces costs.
  • Thanks to the infrastructure systems of cloud computing technology, the possibility of data loss or malfunction in the stored data is very low.
  • Security is the priority in cloud computing service.
  • It is easy to use for new users.
  • Cloud computing eliminates the confusion in the infrastructure and provides an easier and simpler service.

Where is Cloud Computing Used?

Cloud computing is used in areas such as data backup, e-mail services, software development, data loss prevention, big data analysis and various internet applications.

Today, many institutions or organizations benefit from the advantages provided by cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing technology is the underlying basis of many actions you perform over the internet, such as watching movies, playing games, listening to music, storing images or other files.

Cloud computing technology is widely used in many areas, from small businesses to government institutions, from non-governmental organizations to commercial organizations.

Some of the operations that these organizations with cloud computing technology can perform are as follows:

  • Creating new application ideas and services.
  • Storage and backup of data.
  • Hosting the websites of institutions or companies.
  • Creating data analysis.
  • Creating new models by examining data with artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.
  • To strengthen the image quality of images on devices.




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