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What is Safe Internet?

Secure internet service is a free service offered to all internet users in our country. You can request this service, which offers different options with child and family profiles, from your internet service providers. You can start or cancel this service whenever you want. There are no restrictions in this regard.

Safe internet use basically protects you from harmful content. This service has been introduced primarily to protect children and young people from harmful content.

It has two different options. The child profile option is the option that protects you from online risks at the highest level.

All of the sites you can access through this profile are sites that have been checked by certain experts.

There is no access to content such as social media content whose content can be changed by users. Additionally, “How should safe internet use be for children?” You can review our content.

Another profile, the family profile, protects you from harmful content such as obscenity, violence, racism and gambling, while you cannot access products that are not approved by the Ministry of Health.

How Can I Switch to Secure Internet Service?

Users who want to switch to secure internet service can first check the website of the internet service provider they use.

You can start using the service with the instructions on this site.

You can activate or cancel the service through your service provider’s online transactions or via SMS.

It is offered free of charge by all service providers. Secure internet is disabled with all its features after cancellation. You will continue to receive normal service.



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