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What is YAPA?

Two different xDSL services can be provided in accordance with the infrastructure in usa.

In fact, internet service is provided in two ways. One of these is the Data Stream Access method (usually seen as VAE), the other is Local Network Sharing, or YAPA.

This method, known as LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) in English, actually enables alternative operators to offer the connection from the switchboard to the home in their own infrastructure.

This method, which is available in almost all major countries, is very important in improving the quality of service and creating an alternative for the user.

Although VAE is not the subject of this article, it needs to be mentioned briefly in order to see its difference.

In the VAE method, all data from your home or the place you receive service to the traffic collection and routing centers passes through the cables and devices of the established operator, which is the organization responsible for establishing, developing and maintaining the infrastructure in Turkey.

In this regard, the space of action of alternative operators is limited in this method.

At YAPA, alternative operators to established operator switchboards install their own devices.

In this method, we use devices that are optimized to work best under our country’s conditions in order to bring our service quality to the best levels.

In this way, as the quality of the service provided increases, our intervention opportunities also increase.

As long as the operator has complete control and there is no physical malfunction in the area from the switchboard to your home, we can quickly solve the problems by intervening in the devices directly from our center.

Of course, the number of operators serving in this infrastructure in our country is limited.

We are one of the operators that has made the most investments and has the largest number of users. We are regularly increasing the number of new power plants.



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