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60% of global economic growth depends on the internet

The digitalization of shopping, entertainment and business processes has increased the role of access to high-speed internet in the global economy.

On the other hand, the economic difficulties experienced in the world due to the global pandemic-induced slowdown, rising inflation and rising recession concerns also affected internet costs and internet access rates. On the other hand,  in the research results included in the 2022 Global Connectivity Report of the International Telecommunication Union , it was seen that a 1% increase in internet speed was reflected as a 0.1% increase in the growth of the country’s economies.

With the realization of this indirect effect of internet speed on economic growth, it has been discussed that increasing internet speed and access rates in a digitalizing economy could be a solution against the possibility of recession.

Sharing his evaluations on the subject, Halim Ak, Founder of the internet service provider GIBIRNet, said, “ The World Bank’s estimates show that 60% of the global gross domestic product this year will be based on digital communication technologies.

Economic activity carried out over the internet increases its share in the total every year. “In this case, making high-speed internet accessible to more people will directly support global economic growth,” he said.

“The cost of accessing the internet has increased by nearly 300%”

In the European Union’s Digital Economy and Society Index 2022 research,  it was seen that one in every 2 households in Europe has access to fiber internet.

Despite this, the report showed that SMEs are lagging behind in accessing the internet and benefiting from the opportunities of digital. Stating that households in Turkey are still behind Europe in accessing fiber internet, Halim Ak said, “Data is showing that only one in 4 households in our country has access to fiber internet. According to Data Reportal data, internet penetration in our country is seen to be 82% at the beginning of 2022.

Our findings show that internet access costs have increased by nearly 300% since the beginning of the year. I think these increases have made the internet difficult to access for many households.

As GIBIRNet, we ensure that everyone can access high-speed internet at affordable costs with the special and affordable internet packages we create for general internet users, video gamers and tradesmen.

Users do not encounter additional costs or surprise fees within the scope of their tariffs; “He only pays the package amount every month,” he said.

Provides internet service nationwide

Stating that they operate as a licensed company authorized by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK), GIBIRNet’s Founder Halim Ak concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “With our infrastructure management and internet service provider license, we provide corporate services throughout the country within the scope of the common infrastructure usage agreement we made with the established operator.” We provide internet service provider and infrastructure services at the individual level.

All our activities are regularly audited by BTK. In this year, which we started with the motto of ‘Reliable high-speed internet’, we are positioned on the side that thinks that access to high-speed and affordable internet is a right.

We believe that access to high-speed internet will be a driving force in growth and development in a digitalizing economy. Our xDSL and Fiber packages, which we created with our vision of becoming Turkey’s service provider, meet internet needs of all sizes without limits and additional costs such as Fair Usage Point (AKN), quota, activation fee. “With our low latency rates and the agreement we made with the game servers, we allow video gamers to experience the gaming comfort they want without ping problems.”



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