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A guide to what to do after building your PC

Now that you’ve built your dream PC, what are the next steps? Before you can start using your new PC, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure it’s running smoothly and performing at its best. You’re almost there. But here’s what to do first before enjoying your build.


Configure BIOS settings

The first step after putting your computer together is to configure the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System).

BIOS is software stored on every motherboard, which instructs the computer on how to perform basic functions and helps identify hardware in a computer.

To access the BIOS, you must hold down one of the function keys while starting the computer.

The exact key used to enter the BIOS varies from one motherboard manufacturer to another. To find out which one, just consult the documentation for your motherboard.

When you first open the BIOS, it can seem a little intimidating. But fortunately, there are only a few parameters to modify.

The most important thing is to set the order of the boot drive, which will be used to launch the operating system.

If you installed your operating system on a USB key, you must set it as the main boot drive.

Once you change the boot drive order, you need to restart the computer. When your computer turns on, the BIOS attempts to boot from the first device listed, in the order you specified.

When you enter the BIOS, there is another parameter you can check: the operating speed of your RAM. If you paid for fast RAM, it’s normal that you want to be able to fully exploit it.

You should also enable XMP so you can take advantage of any higher clock speeds your RAM might have. This option may be hidden away in an advanced settings screen, but it’s important to always look for it!


Install the operating system

FURY Beast DDR4 RGB in a desktop computer and a blurry configuration screen in the foreground

The most important step after assembling your computer is installing the operating system because without it, you can’t use it! The quickest approach to installing an operating system is to download it to a USB drive.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 are the most popular operating systems.If you don’t know how to install Windows from a USB key, you can consult Microsoft’s guide .

Install and update drivers

A driver is a set of files that tells a PC component how to operate by communicating with the operating system. Every computer has several drivers that control various components and software.

Nowadays, many of your required drivers will be automatically installed by the operating system.

However, some PC components may require particular drivers, which you can install via the motherboard or hardware manufacturer’s website.

Make sure to keep your drivers up to date, otherwise you may end up with blurry graphics and slow loading times.

We suggest that you update your operating system immediately after installation to get the latest drivers and security updates.


Secure your computer

It is important to take the time to secure your machine before exposing it to potential threats on the Internet.

Downloading antivirus and antispyware is a good idea to protect your PC and your data. To ensure the health of your system, we advise setting the software to scan your PC on a regular basis.

Install programs and games

You may install all the required software, including games and apps, once your operating system is configured.

Your favorite games can be downloaded in a variety of methods, including through physical media, directly from the publisher, or from an online retailer like Steam.

Because certain programs and games have enormous file sizes, be careful with your storage space.

Try putting the game installation on a different disk than the operating system. Thiswill enhance the amount of space available for games you have now and in the future, while also protecting your game saves and progress in case you need to reinstall the operating system.



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