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Best Artificial Intelligence Applications to Speed ​​Up Your Business

Artificial intelligence applications are designed to provide convenience in various matters from daily life to business life. You can also save time with artificial intelligence applications that will speed up your work.

It is possible to use it in areas such as security, design, visual production, text creation, and code writing.

So, what artificial intelligence applications can you use to speed up your business? Let’s examine some of the important artificial intelligence applications:

1. OpenAI ChatGBT

Developed by OpenAI as a chatbot and language model, ChatGBT is designed to assist people with various transactions.

This artificial intelligence application, which can provide answers as if chatting with a real person, can help you with various transactions.

You must have an OpenAI account to use this application, which is fed from a database on the internet.

You can easily get an OpenAI account using your e-mail information.

Here are some of the things you can do with ChatGBT:

  • Translating in many languages,
  • equation solving,
  • Software development,
  • text creation,
  • Text summary extraction,
  • Classification,
  • You can quickly perform operations such as determining suggestions on any subject.

2. Amazon Alexa

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, is an artificial intelligence application that detects and executes voice commands.

It is possible to develop Alexa according to personal preferences through the environment called Amazon Blueprints.

Alexa uses natural language processing technology to understand and interpret users’ spoken or written instructions.

Thanks to this, users can perform a number of tasks. For example, playing a song, finding out the weather, creating a calendar event, controlling home automation devices, shopping, querying information, etc.

  • placing an order
  • Make calls and write messages
  • Read email out loud
  • Making music and controls
  • Detecting traffic and weather conditions
  • Controlling smart home appliances

3. Microsoft Cortana

Cortana, a digital assistant developed by Microsoft, makes the lives of Windows users easier with its structure containing analytical artificial intelligence.

It is possible to use Cortana, which easily performs operations such as giving directions, with many programs such as Windows mobile, Microsoft Band, Android and Windows Mixed Reality.

With its advanced artificial intelligence feature, Cortana detects users’ daily routines and helps them plan.

You can easily find a file on your computer with the application that uses data from the internet with the help of the search engine Bing.

Here are some other things you can do with Cortana:

  • Giving reminder alerts
  • set an alarm
  • Don’t give directions
  • Answer questions
  • Report the weather

4. Azure Machine Learning Studio

You have the opportunity to create models any way you want in Azure Machine Learning Studio, a cloud service.

You can also use a model you created on an open source platform such as Pytorch on Azure.

If you are an MLOps practitioner trying to create machine learning models, you can continue your production with the help of Azure Machine even if you do not know how to code. With the help of Azure, you can easily proceed through the data preprocessing process and access classical statistical information and variable graphs.

5. Hotpot AI

Hotpot AI is a platform that can be used to generate text and images. It is possible to access and edit content produced by other people through the platform.

You can also correct errors in your images with the help of the artificial intelligence image corrector within Hotpot AI.

For example, you can turn your black and white photo into color.

AI Art Generator is one of the tools within Hotpot AI. It is also possible to create drawings and pictures in a short time with this tool.

For example, you can write “Picture of a child on an empty street” on the panel and get an image that suits your wishes. Here’s what you’ll do with Hotpot AI:

  • Preparing Instagram posts, Instagram stories
  • Create iOS & Android panoramic screenshots
  • Preparing visual designs 
  • Creating pictures and graphics
  • File conversion

We recommend that you follow the unique developments and new applications in this field to benefit from the features of artificial intelligence that help people and working methods.

Obtaining artificial intelligence applications and learning to use new tools that will speed up your work life and daily activities will benefit you.

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