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How to Get Started in PC Gaming: A Guide for Console Gamers

If you’ve always played on console, switching to PC gaming can be difficult. Casual gamers opt for consoles because they are affordable, reliable, and feature the hit games everyone knows.

But if one wants a little more than just a casual gaming experience, one can take the next step and consider buying a gaming PC.

It’s not a completely different world, but there are a few things to be aware of before taking the plunge.

Build or buy?


When deciding on a gaming PC, you have to ask yourself the following question: is it better to build it or buy it? Purchasing is obviously the easiest approach, as the PC is supplied ready to run.

It will be under warranty and its owner will not have to worry about anything. For people who are very busy or don’t know how to put PC components together to build a gaming rig, purchasing might be the right option.

For the more enthusiastic with an adventurous spirit, the building is arguably the best option. While with consoles (until the addition of the internal SSD slot in the PS5 ), it was almost impossible, PCs allow you to choose the components that correspond to the performance you need: the motherboard, the processor, the graphics card, the power supply, the gaming memory, and the storage

. And you can also customize it to make it a unique and colorful piece thanks to RGB lighting .

In summary, for people who have some technical knowledge or if you know how to handle a screwdriver, building your own PC is the right choice.

On the other hand, if you want the same ease offered by consoles, it is better to buy a ready-to-use machine.

Joystick or not?

Another point to highlight is the change of peripherals when moving to a new system. In general, gaming PCs work via keyboard and mouse.

The keys can easily be reprogrammed. Which in most cases is preferable. Especially when playing an FPS (First Person Shooter), due to the increased precision in aiming and movement, which creates a much more competitive gaming experience.

But it is possible to buy a compatible controller and play as usual. This is great for controller-compatible games, like FIFA or Forza. Some game platforms such as Steam specify whether the downloaded game is compatible with a keyboard and mouse, with a controller or with both.

Where to buy games?

In the real world, there are hardly any physical games anymore. Now, just like with consoles, almost all games will be easily downloadable from digital stores. To switch from console to PC, Xbox’s PC Game Pass is a good option.

There are many shops with many games. The reference store is Steam. But you can also find exclusive and free games on the Epic Games Store and DRM-free games (games without digital rights management) on GOG.


  • Steam is the best known store, because its catalog is the most extensive. It also functions as a launcher and offers an easy-to-use toy library.
  • The Epic Games store is a much newer platform, with a smaller catalog. But the advantage is that it offers a large number of exclusive games and offers a free game every week to its users!
  • GOG also offers a large number of games and, unlike Steam, the downloaded games do not depend on the launcher, whether it is installed or not and whether or not one has an Internet connection.

Stubborn habits?

For people who are used to playing on a television rather than in front of a screen, it’s still possible! Steam now offers an app called Steam Link.

This is a downloadable application that is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs.

This link allows you to broadcast the PC screen on a TV to play your favorite games in the comfort of your living room.

A compatible controller is required. It will be supported by the TV via Bluetooth or a USB port, and by Steam.

There are many things to consider before switching from console to PC. But with a little research, we’re sure it’s a lot easier than you might imagine!



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