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Wondering how to customize your PC? RGB lighting is a great starting point and can transform your standard PC into a masterpiece of color and originality. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about RGB lighting and how to get started. If you want to learn how to change the RGB appearance of a PC or know where to find the best RGB software, you’ve come to the right place.

What is RGB lighting?

Have you ever seen photos or videos of PC builds with lots of colored lights? Well, that’s RGB lighting. RGB (Red, Green, Blue) stands for red, green and blue. RGB lighting makes it possible to create over 16 million different color combinations from these three primary colors. To brighten your PC, RGB lighting is used in PC parts and accessories.


RGB and ARGB are the two primary varieties of RGB lighting. RGB lighting can only be set to display a single color at a time, while ARGB (Addressable RGB) is much more advanced and allows individual LED customization and control. Therefore, it is possible to do a lot of interesting things with ARGB. You can display a variety of colors at the same time and use awesome light effects like bouncing, breathing and rainbow.

A 4-pin 12V connector is used for the RGB components, and since each LED is on the same circuit, it is not possible to change the colors of individual LEDs. For ARGB components, a 3-pin 5V connector is required to be able to individually control each LED.

When installing RGB components on your motherboard, first check which RGB connectors are on your motherboard and components to make sure they are compatible. If you don’t take into account the different RGB connectors and the different voltages they use, you risk shorting your motherboard. Most modern motherboards have 5V ARGB and 12V RGB connectors to control your RGB lights, but always check first!


RGB control software

Today, it’s much easier to get all your RGB components to work together because motherboard manufacturers have started integrating standardized RGB connectors into their motherboards.

A separate RGB controller or software linked to your motherboard is typically used to control and adjust RGB lighting. The user guide for your motherboard and its website should list the supported control software.

To link numerous RGB components together in one location, separate RGB controllers can alternatively be used. This usually requires a USB connector and a SATA connector.

First steps

Screenshot showing the customization options of the FURY CTRL software for an RGB memory

Building a PC is challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun because you can choose all your components and customize the PC to your personal preferences. RGB lighting plays an important role in this because almost every PC component these days has RGB lighting functionality that can be customized in so many cool ways!


  • Case – If your RGB components cost you a lot, you want to exploit their full potential! Choose a glass/transparent case so your RGB lighting is fully exposed and has maximum visibility! Plus, you can optionally match your lights to match your case, for a stylish look.
  • Motherboard – Most newer and higher-end motherboards have built-in RGB lighting. Don’t forget to check your motherboard’s RGB connectors before you start shopping for other components!
  • CPU Cooler – The CPU is one of the few components where RGB lighting is not available. But when it comes to the CPU cooler, both air cooling and liquid cooling are available with RGB lighting. The best RGB fans can really stand out in a build, and can easily be the most visible RGB component in your setup!
  • RAM – There are many RAM options and many kits contain RGB lighting. The best RGB RAM options can take center stage in a system, especially when you start adding cool effects. It’s crucial to remember that there is no industry standard for RGB effects on memory modules. Kingston FURY RAM can be purchased with or without RGB lighting, and colors and lighting effects can be customized using Kingston FURY CTRL software .
  • You can alter the lighting effects of Kingston FURY RGB products and retro RGB-compatible HyperX memory products with Kingston FURY CTRL Using the software, you can access a library of preset templates and effects, and customize colors and lighting speeds to create your own unique setup. You may sync these light effects with your Kingston FURY Infrared Sync TechnologyTM so they remain precisely aligned.
  • Storage – SSDs are a vital part of building your PC, but while RGB SSDs are available, ask yourself if this component is worth splurging on. It’s likely that the SSD won’t be visible once it’s installed on the motherboard.


RGB lighting is a great way to give your gaming setup some style and personality.. All of your components should work together. Also, take advantage of any software that helps you control, customize, and sync your system’s lighting.

Once your PC is constructed, it is simple to complete your setup with additional RGB accessories like light strips and RGB peripherals. While RGB lighting is certainly cool, keep in mind that sometimes less really is more. You may always start with just one or two RGB components and update later.

Now you can go build the RGB setup of your dreams



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