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What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Unwanted consequences may occur if your accounts are accessed without permission. To prevent this, you can make adjustments to the security settings.

You can find details about the Two-Factor Authentication method, one of these regulations, in our article.

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? What is it for?

Two-factor authentication, known simply as 2FA, is a widely used tool, from online purchases with credit cards to logging into social media accounts.

It is a security procedure. It ensures the security of users on different online platforms. It works by authenticating across multiple devices or accounts.

For example, you chose Two-Factor Authentication to log in to your email address from your computer.

After entering your email address and password, the service provider will send a verification code to your phone.

After entering this sent code on the verification screen, you can access your e-mail account. Otherwise, you cannot access your e-mails even if you have the account information.

This prevents unauthorized users with your account information from logging into your accounts or making online purchases with your credit card.

Unauthorized parties cannot access your sensitive information, cloud-based storage, and accounts unless they have your device registered for 2FA.

How to Do Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Here are the steps you need to follow to increase the security of your account with Two-Factor Authentication:

1- Log in to the account you want to use 2FA or create a new account.

2- Enable the “Two-Factor Authentication” option, which is usually found in the Security and Privacy Settings tab of your account.

3- Add the device or contact information you want to use (such as phone number, secondary e-mail address).

4- Enter the code sent to the verification factor you added on the verification screen or open the confirmation link.

After performing the last step, Two-Factor Authentication will be enabled for your existing account.

But remember, after this step you will need to enter the verification code for all login transactions.

If you do not want to continue using 2FA, you can disable the “Two-Factor Authentication” option by following step two above.

What are the advantages of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

As with other security tools, the purpose of Two-Factor Authentication is to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. In line with this goal, the advantages of 2FA can be listed as follows:

1- Increases Account Security: Since it requires a secondary verification method to access your accounts, it ensures that you do not compromise your security even if your account login information is used without your permission.

2- Provides Security in Online Shopping: When you shop online, Two-Factor Authentication through your bank ensures the security of your online payment. It also allows you to see the amount you need to pay and the party to whom payment is requested. Thus, even if your card is stolen, you can reject all online payment transactions without your knowledge during the process of contacting your bank.

3- Protects Personal Information: Two-Factor Authentication is a tool that should be preferred in terms of protecting sensitive information such as contact lists, addresses and credit card information stored on the cloud.

Although the way Two-Factor Authentication works is quite simple, it should definitely be preferred thanks to the security factor it provides.

Since it is adaptable to most transactions made over the Internet, it can be used in e-mail accounts, banks and even E-Government services.

Two-factor authentication consists of very important and simple steps for the security of your data.

To store your information safely in the digital world, you should choose two-factor authentication.




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