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Revolution in Dental Implant Surgery: Yomi Robot System

Neocis raised $20 million to power the Yomi robotic system used in dental implant procedures.

 Funds raised will be used to improve product development, increase sales efforts and strengthen clinical education.

 The Miami-based dental robotics leader sees this capital injection as a recognition of its growth and advances in dental robotics.

The Yomi robotic system, which has received FDA approval for robot-assisted dental surgery, offers precision and support to clinicians throughout the implantation process.

 Assisting at all stages from planning to execution, Yomi optimizes digital planning and provides tactile guidance during the surgical phase.

 In addition to guiding surgical instruments, it also aids in guided bone reduction that enhances traditional dental procedures.

Yomi improves the surgical process while requiring clinician control by guiding haptic feedback, visual and auditory cues.

Neocis has equipped Yomi with the state-of-the-art YomiPlan software suite that facilitates meticulous preliminary surgical planning and efficient case management.

The funding round witnessed contributions from globally renowned investors such as Mirae Asset Capital and NVentures.

 These participants specialize in supporting growth-stage businesses in the healthcare and technology sectors.

 Investors’ investment in Neocis reflects their confidence in the company’s innovative approach to dental care and its potential to revolutionize dental implant procedures.



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