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Should You Buy a Gaming Laptop or Subscribe to a Cloud Gaming Service?

The diversification of digital distribution platforms and the spread of mass game rental systems are a blessing for gamers

. With high-speed internet entering almost every home, game download times have also become much shorter. In addition, cloud gaming services, which have started operating in, have begun to leave players who are preparing to experience hundreds of games in a dilemma. Because you need a powerful gaming computer to experience current games at 60 fps and above with high quality graphics.

Thanks to cloud gaming systems, games like Cyberpunk 2077 can be played even on a very old computer with only a high-speed internet connection.

So, where exactly does it make more sense to invest at this stage? Should you buy a gaming laptop or subscribe to a cloud gaming service?

Is There Any Game You Want to Play on Cloud Gaming Systems?

Popular cloud gaming services, whose advertisements you can encounter on almost every website, seem like a very logical solution when you look from afar.

Instead of investing a few thousand liras on a powerful laptop, you can play the latest games on older generation laptop models by paying a modest amount per month.

Actually translate the sentence to “can you play?” It should have been concluded by saying, because not everything works as easily as you think.

Although cloud gaming services of brands that aim to embrace players by establishing servers in demand a certain subscription fee from you, they also expect you to purchase the game you want to play through game distribution platforms.

In other words, after paying money to the cloud gaming system, you need to purchase the game you want from Steam and similar distribution platforms and match your account with these platforms. This is not enough.

If the game you purchased does not have an agreement with the relevant service, unfortunately it is not possible to play this game from the cloud.

In short, you cannot play every game you want to play with a cloud gaming service.

When you buy a gaming laptop with up-to-date features, you can either access the productions offered by generous game distribution platforms such as the Epic Games Store, which give away at least one game every week, or you can gain access to dozens of games with Microsoft’s Game Pass service, and enjoy games worth tens of thousands of liras for a very small fee. you can experience.

Of course, let us remind you that there are countless games that you can purchase individually from Steam and similar platforms.

Cloud Gaming Service Not Suitable for Offline Gaming

Cloud gaming services, which by their nature only operate thanks to high-speed internet, require an internet speed of 15 Mbps to be able to play games at 60 fps at 720p resolution and 25 Mbps to be able to play games at 60 fps at 1080p resolution.

Of course, it is stated that these speed values ​​can be evaluated optimally with computers connected to the router or modem via cable.

Even if you have much higher internet speeds, if you connect to the internet with a wireless setup, you are likely to experience connection problems from time to time and problems such as freezing in games.

If you plan to play games offline, it is not possible to do this with cloud gaming services.

In line with the content prepared by technology editors who offer laptop recommendations for gamers, if you buy a gaming laptop within a price range that will not strain your budget, you can play any game you want both online and offline, regardless of the internet speed at home.

Moreover, you can take your laptop with you on your travels and play your favorite games on the balcony, on the beach or even during the journey.

Gaming Laptop Becomes More Advantageous When You Add Up Service, Internet and Game Fees

When you calculate it on an annual basis, the total cost of cloud gaming service, high-speed internet and a few games per month comes to similar levels with a powerful gaming laptop.

At this point, getting a high-performance Monster laptop, which you can use not only for gaming but also in your work and school life, and with which you can run photo and video processing applications without any problems when necessary, is more advantageous than joining the cloud gaming service.

When you subscribe to Game Pass, which we mentioned in the article, you not only gain access to numerous games in Microsoft’s range, but also have the opportunity to experience EA Games’ hit games completely free of charge.

If you are stuck between buying a new gaming computer with a cloud gaming service subscription, you can check the laptop prices and buy any of the Abra, Tulpar and Semruk series laptops offered by Monster. Many advantages such as hardware customization and lifetime free maintenance are waiting for you during the purchase phase.




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