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The best storage options for game consoles

As games have become bigger and bigger, game consoles now need a lot more storage space. For console gamers, storage space has become crucial. Previously, 500 GB was enough. But these new dynamic games with enriched universes now require much more space. Nintendo SwitchTM, Xbox® Series X/S, and PlayStation® 4/5 have somewhat constrained storage capacities.This article outlines some of the best storage options for your game console.

Internal SSDs

Has your toy library filled up your PS5™ disk? Chances are, because the PS5 comes with an 875GB SSD, some of which is needed for system software, leaving you with just 667.2GB for games, apps, screenshots, and more. With most of the best PS5 games requiring at least 40GB of space, most gamers need to add extra storage to their PS5 as their game library grows.

In September 2021, Sony offered a solution to PS5 owners. Sony has added the ability to install your own internal SSD on your PS5 to expand its storage. This is great news for PS5 users, as they will now be able to add storage to their console as their toy library grows.

However, you can’t install just any internal SSD in a PS5.It must be an NVMe PCIe Gen 4.0 M.2 drive that complies with all the exacting specifications set forth by Sony. Visit Sony’s website * before purchasing a new internal drive for your PS5 for M.2 SSD requirements for PS5 consoles.

The Kingston FURY™ Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD is compatible with the PS5. It’s a fantastic choice for PS5 players who want to increase their storage.If you want to upgrade the internal storage of your PS4™, take a look at our KC600 2.5″ SSD .

USB flash drives

USB drives aren’t just a great option for expanding your gaming PC’s storage, they’re also great for your gaming console. If you’re deleting games to free up space for newer titles, the solution can be a USB key.

It should be noted, however, that PlayStation owners cannot play PS5 games directly from a USB drive, as these were designed for extremely fast storage. On the other hand, you can store your PS5 games on a USB key and then copy them to the SSD ** of your PS5 or to your internal SSD when you want to play them.

Unlike PS5 games, PS4 games can be played from a USB key. Don’t let your PS4’s internal drive limit you *** ; use a USB flash drive to expand your storage so you don’t have to delete your favorite games.

Kingston ‘s DataTraveler® Kyson , featuring a USB Type-A port and up to 256GB capacity, can be used to store PS4 games, while the DataTraveler® Max, featuring a USB Type-C and up to 1TB capacity, can be used to store PS5 games.

USB sticks can also be used to provide additional space for the Xbox Series X/S **** . Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S come with 1TB and 512GB SSD respectively. Also, you can quickly run out of storage space. And if you sign up for Xbox Games Pass, those built-in players may fill up very quickly. Use a USB flash drive to store games you don’t use so you don’t have to constantly re-download them. Play older Xbox games and save newer Xbox games on our DT Kyson USB flash drive.. However, it does not allow you to play the most recent Xbox Series X/S games.


Is your Nintendo Switch running out of storage space? This is a fairly common issue with the Nintendo Switch, as it only has 32GB of internal storage, some of which is reserved for the system. You can download several games there, but most of them requiring at least 10 GB of space, your internal storage will quickly be saturated. The good news is that you can easily increase the storage space of your Nintendo Switch . Simply insert a microSD card into its built-in slot.

microSD cards offer various storage capacities. The amount of storage you need basically depends on how many games you want to download. We recommend a high capacity card (e.g. 128 GB), so you can play a wide range of games. And if you want to stop worrying about how much space is available on your microSD card, consider a 512GB card. More storage means more games! The Canvas Go! More from Kingston is the perfect choice for your Nintendo Switch.


Nowadays, the internal storage of game consoles is no longer enough for most gamers. Don’t let lack of storage space limit you, invest in a proper storage option and keep playing!



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