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What is Cloud Gaming? Cloud Gaming Platforms

If you complain that some of the time you spend playing games is spent on newly released game updates, and if you dream of playing current computer games in high resolution and fluently even on your old computer, cloud gaming services may interest you.

How about learning the details about the cloud gaming service and cloud gaming platforms that aroused interest among game enthusiasts with NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service opening a server in

What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is the name given to a system and service that allows you to play the games you own or rent through the server of the service you connect to over the internet, rather than through the computing power of your own computer.

You can visualize this system as an interactive version of the videos you watch on video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

The server you connect to runs the game you want to play like a high-performance computer.

The terminal system transfers the data coming from the server to your computer, and the input data such as keyboard, mouse, controller from your computer to the server. If the server of the cloud gaming service you subscribe to, If you are in Turkey or a country very close to Turkey, you can experience your favorite games as if you were playing them on your own computer, with delays that you will not notice in any way.

In fact, if the applications of cloud gaming services can be used with smart devices and similar devices other than computers, you can play any game you want, regardless of the platform.

You Can Also Change Graphics Settings and Play Games at 60 FPS!

At this point, the question that comes to your mind is “Can I master every setting of the games?” Questions like these may arise. Yes, almost all cloud gaming services allow you not only to play the games, but also to access all the setting options in a game.

For example, after saving and closing the game wherever you want, you can start the game from where you left off and change the graphic settings and resolution of the game as much as the server allows.

You can change the control scheme in the game according to your needs and play the games with different controllers and computer peripherals.

The only factor that can restrict you in this entire process is your internet connection speed.

You may need to increase your internet connection speed by taking into account the recommendations of the cloud gaming service you prefer.

For example, if you are going to use the GeForce Now service, it is recommended that you have an internet speed of at least 15 Mbps to get 720p resolution and 60 frames per second, and 25 Mbps to get the same number of frames at 1080p.

These values ​​may vary from service to service.

What are the Most Popular Cloud Gaming Platforms?

Although the cloud gaming service called OnLive, which rose to fame when the ADSL internet service was available to end users in Turkey and made a huge impact around the world at that time, could not continue its existence, many services emerged after it. However, the only cloud gaming service that can currently provide direct service to Turkey is NVIDIA GeForce Now.

The fact that companies see a future in this field gives hope to the players about more services coming to countries like Turkey.

Based on this, let’s end the article by taking a brief look at which are the most popular cloud gaming platforms.

GeForce Now

NVIDIA, which has made its name among the world’s most powerful companies in graphics processors, artificial intelligence and similar fields, is using the GeForce brand for a cloud gaming service this time.

The service allows players to play the latest games even with an old computer, using its huge processing power and connection with game companies;

It supports some of the games on platforms such as Steam and Epic Games Store. After subscribing to this service, you need to introduce your accounts in Steam and Epic stores to the application of this service.

Afterwards, you can enjoy all the games in your account and supported by the cloud gaming system at 1080p resolution and 60 FPS without installing them on your computer and smart devices.

Google Stadia

Stadia, a cloud gaming service that Google started with great expectations, did not receive the expected attention because it required a separate full game fee to be paid for each game to be played in addition to the membership fee and because it served in a limited region.

Although it is possible to play at 4K resolution and 60 FPS in the highest package of the service, it is clear that Stadia is not for everyone in terms of cost and efficiency.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming, one of Microsoft’s most important moves in the gaming field, is a cloud gaming service that can be evaluated by Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users.

Although it can only be used effectively in 22 countries for now, it is certain that the service will become operational in more countries in a short time, thanks to the company’s aggressive approach on the gaming front.

The service, which requires an internet speed of at least 4.75 Mbps and is compatible with both computers and smart devices like GeForce Now, will soon be available with Xbox game consoles.

As you might expect, the games that can be played within the scope of the service are only those available on Xbox Game Pass.



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