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What is Unity and What are Unity Game Engine Features?

Unity, which you may have heard about through the games you play or from technology publications, is one of the game engines that has been in our lives in some way since 2005.

The game engine, which is evaluated especially by individual game developers or small-scale game studios thanks to the flexibility and convenience it provides to users during the game development process, has made great progress over time and has become a powerful platform that is mentioned together with Unreal Engine today.

So, let’s see what the features of the Unity game engine are and what can be done with this engine.

One of the Ideal Game Engines for Two- and Three-Dimensional Experiences

Unity, which stands out by combining a large number of features and thus increases its user base, is among the game engines preferred by studios that want to develop games, especially on the mobile side.

The platform, which enables developers to produce any game they dream of, allows the preparation of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional games.

Unity, which can be managed with the C# programming language instead of C++, unlike the Unreal Engine game engine, also offers comprehensive Visual Studio support.

The game engine, which helps modeling artists working in game studios to easily import the visuals they create, also paves the way for the creation of brand new visuals.

In addition, possibilities such as creating animations and adding external animations are among the most basic features of the Unity game engine.

Unity, which stands out with its online documentation and training support that allows developers who have started to use this game engine to increase their dominance of the platform, enables teams that want to create a project from scratch to make significant progress in their targeted project after short-term working and learning processes.

The communication environment, which includes both the game engine’s own developers and the studio employees using the game engine, makes life easier for small-scale studios that encounter various difficulties and problems during the game development phase.

Studios can eliminate problems that they may not be able to solve on their own for months, within minutes, with a single question and a single answer. Thus, they can release the games they develop at the target time without delaying their release windows and keeping their promises to their publishers.

Virtual Reality Games, Multiplayer Productions and More are Possible with Unity

The game engine interface, which is the screen that a game developer spends the most time in front of, is appreciated by Unity for being very user-friendly.

The user interface, which consists of small individual windows that can be rearranged within the window, grouped into clusters, and whose positions can be changed, can vary from project to project and from developer to developer.

The two-dimensional and three-dimensional scene display screen allows the project being worked on to be followed in real time and to master all the details of the scene. The control window allows the assets in the scene to be edited and their properties to be viewed. The prominent features of the game engine are endless.

However, technologies such as virtual rendering, environmental system, and Kinematika help developers complete their projects both smoothly and quickly.

Thanks to its comprehensive infrastructure, virtual reality games, non-game virtual reality projects, advanced multiplayer productions, non-game three-dimensional projects and various technology demos can be developed using the Unity game engine.

Unity, which takes a short time to learn and can also take a short time to master depending on focus, also offers flexibility to users in terms of licensing.

Those who are still students and those who want to prepare their personal game projects using the Unity game engine can use the engine for free, although it is restricted in some aspects. Those who aim to undertake more comprehensive projects and gain financial gain from these projects, Unity; They can choose from Plus, Pro and Enterprise versions and benefit from all the opportunities of the game engine through annual payment plans.



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