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How to Connect to the Internet Without a Home Phone? What is Lean Internet?

We now do our work over the internet, and in our spare time we watch movies or play games on the internet.Home internet, which we connect to from many devices simultaneously, has become a necessity, not a luxury.

Until recently, when you wanted to connect the internet to your home, you had to have a landline phone line.

Nowadays, you can have an internet connection without needing a landline. The internet used without a landline is called bare internet .

In this article, we have answered questions such as how to connect to the internet without a home phone and what is bare internet, in order to eliminate confusion about the bare internet, which is very common today.

What is Lean Internet?

Naked internet means providing internet access without the need to connect a landline, that is, without the need to connect a telephone line.

In short, when answering the question “What is plain internet?”, we can say that it is a service option that only has an internet connection.

Internet service develops and diversifies as technology advances. In addition, users may encounter different service options when they want to connect the internet to their homes or offices.

One of these types of services that has become very popular in recent years is the plain internet.

The technical name of this type of service is nDSL. In the past years, since internet service was provided via fixed telephone connection, separate services could not be provided.

But now, thanks to nDSL (Naked Digital Subscriber Line), the connection between the broadband service and the phone can be removed.

Is Lean Internet Advantageous?

In previous years, these two connections could not be offered separately. Users who wanted to receive internet service had to also purchase telephone service.

Therefore, both internet and telephone fees were paid. With bare internet service, you only pay for your internet connection. You can make a profit by getting rid of a service you don’t use.

If you do not use phone service at your home or office, you can cancel it by switching to pure internet service.

Almost all operators offer this service. Thus, you only see the internet service fee on your bill and pay it.

How to Connect to the Internet Without a Home Phone?

TurkNet offers you plain internet with only internet service. You can use bare internet if you want, regardless of your infrastructure. To connect to the internet without a home phone, all you have to do is apply, as in other internet packages.

After the application, a team comes and connects your internet and you can start using it. You can use plain internet for whichever ADSL, VDSL or Fiber infrastructure you have.

You can make an infrastructure inquiry to find out the infrastructure status of your region . You can easily complete your application process by learning your infrastructure immediately.



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