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Is It Difficult to Change Operator?

You may not like the service provided by your internet service provider, or you may want to consider a better option.

There is nothing more natural than wanting to change the service you are not satisfied with. Generally, as a first step, we act quickly with this dissatisfaction and immediately call our current operator to terminate our subscription.

When the subscription ends, we lose the port. Actually, the most important point here is not to lose ports .

Let’s understand how the thing called port affects our lives; Let’s go back a little.

When ADSL first came to Turkey, we were applying for DSL. A limited number of ports were coming and he managed to get fast service.

Those who missed the application had to wait. Unfortunately, the number of ports is still limited in Turkey today.

Therefore, if someone else applies for a subscription as soon as you terminate your subscription , you can take over the port directly; You can expect improvements in the infrastructure for a new port.

However, there are options where you can have that line transferred from your previous operator to your new operator by directly calling the new service provider you will switch to, without losing your port.

How does this process proceed at resolutionnotes?

If you want to switch from your current operator to resolutionnotes, the process is very simple.

First you need to find out your current XDSL number. Call your current carrier and ask “What is my XDSL number?” When you ask, the number they give you is actually the name of your port.

Be sure to write this number down somewhere; because it is very important. These numbers, also referred to as “Circuit Numbers”, are definitely not your subscriber number; The two are often confused.

After receiving this service number starting with 17, 18 or 80, we are first happy when you call us and tell us that you want to switch. Then, we handle everything related to the operator and transfers during the transition process with your current operator.

This process can take approximately 48 hours. In fact, you are spared exactly 2 days of hassle and persuasion efforts from your current operator.

You actually have another advantage in this process.

Especially if you are in the last month of your commitment or just before it ends, we cover a portion of your commitment cancellation fee.

At the same time, when you make another friend subscribe to resolutionnotes.com, you can use it for 1 month free of charge.

We learned everything about the transition process from another operator. Find out the highest speed supported by your address by immediately making an infrastructure inquiry and use high-speed internet.



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