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What is Artificial Intelligence? In Which Areas Is It Used?

With the developing technology, different concepts have emerged and many different concepts, especially robots, machines, learning machines, have begun to be heard.

Although these concepts seem different from each other, they are actually related to each other.

The natural intelligence found in humans and even animals has now begun to be transferred to machines and robots. Artificial intelligence is widely used in multiple business areas, and efforts to expand these areas continue.

The purpose of developing artificial intelligence is not to take away people’s jobs. Its main purpose is to develop existing business areas and even create new business lines.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, known as the abbreviation “AI” for Artificial Intelligence, is defined as systems and machines that imitate human intelligence and gradually improve the information they collect to perform certain tasks.

Thanks to a chip placed in machines, robots or other technological devices, an intelligence similar to the intelligence of humans has been created.

Especially the tasks that involve high risk and return or that people have difficulty in doing are intended to be done by these machines dominated by artificial intelligence technologies.

How Did Artificial Intelligence Appear?

The concept of artificial intelligence was first used in the 1950s. Alan Mathison Turing, one of the pioneers of computer science, asked “Can machines think?” posed the question. Later II.

During World War II, a device for deciphering cryptocurrencies and messages began to be developed.

Thereupon, John McCarthy developed the concept of artificial intelligence in 1956. Since the first aim is to develop an intelligence capable of solving problems, various laboratories have been established.

Later, computers were developed that could imitate human intelligence, learn different tasks, and perform data analysis and evaluations in line with the information loaded into them.

Nowadays, various artificial intelligence technologies such as smart personal assistants are also being developed. Artificial intelligence constitutes a never-ending process as technology continues to develop.

Just as learning in human intelligence is thanks to neurons, learning in artificial intelligence is similar.

Digital neurons and artificial neural networks have been created by creating the working patterns of neurons in human intelligence with computer programs. Artificial intelligence created thanks to these created digital neurons and artificial neural networks, enables learning by processing multiple data and information inputs and the emergence of skills such as problem solving in line with the analyzes resulting from these data.

Machines and robots working with artificial intelligence are not limited to just performing the tasks assigned to them.

At the same time, they can make various decisions with the experiences they gain from the accumulation of data in their memories.

What are the Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Business Life?

Artificial intelligence is used in many different areas. Artificial intelligence technology is frequently used in medicine, health, education, military, agriculture, mining, media, banking and many other business fields. Some of the uses of artificial intelligence technology are:

  • Procedures such as examinations, reports, doctor’s examinations when diagnosing a disease are now carried out in a shorter and faster time thanks to the devices.
  • Thanks to drones in an agricultural field, the condition of the plants can be examined, and operations such as necessary fertilizers and pesticides can be carried out by machines.
  • It is very important to be original when creating content. It is very difficult not to imitate and to come up with analyzes appropriate to the data at hand. Thanks to artificial intelligence technologies, original articles can be created on many different topics.
  • When advertising through social media or traditional media, it is very important to learn the effects of these advertisements. How many people did the ad reach? What actions were taken? Has people’s brand awareness increased thanks to advertising? Answers to many questions such as these are needed. Artificial intelligence technology provides answers to these questions by collecting data on the ad. It even offers more advantageous opportunities to the user by developing an automatic media strategy from the data in its memory before the advertisement is placed.
  • The business area where artificial intelligence technology is most used is undoubtedly the military field. In the field of defense, unmanned aerial vehicles provide great advantages in communication, intelligence and various transportation issues.

What are the Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life?

Many applications with artificial intelligence technologies are frequently used in daily life, perhaps unknowingly or even consciously. The most important of these applications are those with “voice search” feature.

Applications such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri work with artificial intelligence technology.

Hundreds of thousands of words are saved in the memory of this application before they are made available for use.

When you ask aloud about a subject you want to search for, it starts the search by finding the most accurate and appropriate one among the previously loaded words and phrases. It produces the most accurate search results by taking into account the experiences it has accumulated from previous data.

Another area of ​​use is autocorrect, which is also frequently used in messaging applications.

It is a system that asks you to correct a word you misspelled by providing suggestions before you correct it.

Here, various corrections are made by taking the previous word and the next word into account, or when a missing letter is written, these letters are completed. The program quickly scans the grammar and vocabulary information loaded into its memory and shows you the correct results.



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