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What Parents Need to Know About Virtual Reality and the Metaverse

The Metaverse concept, one of the most talked about topics of recent times, represents the highest level of virtual reality today.

However, as with every innovation offered by technology, we have compiled in our article what parents need to know so that young individuals can use virtual reality and the Metaverse universe efficiently.

What is Virtual Reality and Metaverse?

Virtual reality is a virtual world technology produced electronically with codes. Users can exist, move, and interact with other users in this virtual world in real-time. Thanks to these experiences, simulations can be made in many areas.

This technology, which is especially suitable for applied training, can also be used for business, shopping and entertainment purposes.

The metaverse is called the digital universe where these virtual worlds come together. With VR (virtual reality) equipment, it is possible to create an atmosphere as if Metaverse users are in the same environment.

With VR glasses, headsets, and even smartwatches, this experience is tried to be as close to reality as possible (augmented reality – AR).

Thanks to these real-time interactions, increasing efficiency and increasing the overall virtual reality experience to higher levels are the main goals.

Are Virtual Reality and Metaverse Suitable for Kids?

Virtual reality and Metaverse concepts, which can be a very useful platform for children with hands-on education, creative puzzles, and productive games, may also bring some risks.

The applications that children will do and see in virtual reality may have a negative impact on their individual development.

However, when used under the control of parents, it can help children improve themselves and have different experiences in matters such as hand-eye coordination, motor skills and creative thinking abilities. For example;

It can offer you the chance to visit museums and historical places by giving you the chance to visit places where you are not physically present.

As a result, virtual reality and the Metaverse can vary greatly depending on how parents guide their children through it.

How Do Kids Access Virtual Reality and the Metaverse?

Although it is seen as a forward-looking investment objective for adults, Metaverse also can be a platform that can host many educational modules for children.

It may be preferable to use virtual reality equipment as a first step towards Metaverse, which is thought to have a certain lower age restriction (such as 13 or 16 years old) when it is implemented.

These include wireless headsets, consoles developed for use in the virtual world, and most importantly, AR glasses. It is also possible to work on 3D models using this equipment.

How Can Parents Control Kids’ Use of Virtual Reality and Metaverse?

Cryptocurrencies, which have become widespread recently to access the virtual universe and make purchases, can cause this environment to be perceived as more aimed at adults.

Therefore, all parents must know the risks of Metaverse, as with any other online platform. If used correctly, it has the potential to be very entertaining and educational for children.

On the other hand, there is a risk of objectionable content and fraud in this digital universe.

By constantly communicating with their children, parents can inform them about these risks and supervise their use.

Additionally, using safe internet services and educating children about VR devices is an important point for their experience in the Metaverse.

A high-speed internet connection is important for virtual reality and Metaverse use. As, we offer GigaFiber service with our infrastructure. You can have download and upload speeds of up to 1000 Mbps without any commitment or quota.



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