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What is Cloud Based Gaming?

Cloud-based gaming, also known as Cloud Games, is a technology that allows players to play games with remote servers.

Cloud-based gaming system is a gaming technology that offers the opportunity to play games online without downloading them to devices.

Cloud-based gaming platforms have recently become much more popular than other gaming platforms due to their ease of use.

Cloud-based games provide access to games on many devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and consoles.

You can play cloud based games on Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux etc. Works on all operating systems and devices.

The cloud-based gaming system is offered to users for a fee. A fast internet connection is required to access this gaming system.

After logging into the cloud-based game system, you can access the games by selecting them from the services without downloading them.

This system has become very popular recently because it allows players to access games more easily.

Console purchasing, which has become a big problem especially for game enthusiasts, has gradually started to lose its importance with the cloud-based gaming system.

For this reason, the number of platforms that provide cloud-based gaming access is rapidly increasing all over the world.

Users who want to play cloud-based games can purchase monthly or annual packages by becoming a member of these systems.

After the membership process, it is possible to play games directly on the devices without any downloading or installation.

In addition, the cloud-based gaming system allows players to access their memberships on multiple devices.

What are the Best Cloud-Based Gaming Platforms?

The best of the increasing number of cloud-based gaming platforms are listed below.

Microsoft xCloud

Microsoft xCloud stands out as a self-improving and promising platform among cloud-based gaming platforms.

This game platform appears as a project that aims to provide services for all devices and operating systems.

Compared to other cloud-based gaming platforms, the high number of free games and the wide range of game libraries make Microsoft xCloud an even more attractive gaming platform. Microsoft xCloud gaming platform is not currently available in , so it is necessary to use a VPN service to use the platform.

NVIDIA GeForce Now

Developed by NVIDIA, GeForce Now is a cloud-based gaming platform that does not offer free gaming services.

To play games on this platform, you must complete a membership process. GeForce Now is a gaming platform with high resolution and image quality compared to other cloud-based gaming platforms.

NVIDIA GeForce Now is the only cloud-based gaming platform currently serving in Turkey. However, the membership prices of this platform are quite high compared to other gaming platforms.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming platform developed by Sony. This game platform can be accessed with PS4, PS5, and Windows devices.

PlayStation Now offers the ability to play exclusive games and legacy console games on Windows devices.

Therefore, it has now become possible to access all PlayStation games without purchasing a PlayStation.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia appears as a gaming platform that has been continuously developed since the day it was first released.

Although it is a cloud-based gaming platform that excites many users, it does not meet expectations sufficiently.

Stadia offers the opportunity to play games on many devices.


Shadow is a system that provides cloud computing service rather than a cloud-based gaming platform.

Shadow is a system created by a smaller company compared to other gaming platforms.

Another feature that distinguishes Shadow from other platforms is that it was not developed just for gaming.

When you become a member of this system, you can play games and have full access to the server you use.

Cloud-based gaming system is a technology that offers online gaming.

Many platforms have been developed for the cloud-based gaming system, which has gained popularity all over the world, especially recently.

On these platforms, it is possible to play games on all devices without downloading.



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